Matt and Emma are a dynamic duo based on the Gold Coast, who have earned a reputation for their hard work, drive, determination and passion. When they’re not working on one of their three businesses, Object X, Render X and In the Game PR, the creative couple can be found lapping up Queensland’s glorious weather at one of the region’s pristine beaches or dining out at one of their favourite locals, Rick Shores, Justin Lane and Burleigh Pavilion.

In this edition of the journal, we chat with Matt and Emma about their creative partnership, how Object X came about and what success means to them.

Who are Matt and Emma as a couple?

We are fun, energetic, easy going people who love life! We have an incredible network of friends around us and enjoy the social life that comes with this. We are a formidable team that works VERY hard. We bounce ideas off each other and complement one another really well. Perhaps our greatest strength as a couple is being clear and aligned on what we want in life and for our future together.

What's it like going into business with your partner?

We’ve been involved in each other’s businesses, Render X and In The Game PR, for a long while now, but starting a new business from the ground up together has been a wild ride. We wouldn’t have it any other way though! The idea of Object X came to us back at the beginning of this year and we’ve spent the past 6 months working closely together to prepare and perfect everything ready to launch. Like we said, we complement each other really well and make a great team.

How did Object X come about?

Matt’s talent, innovation and expertise in rendering are highly sought after by home owners, interior designers and businesses on the Gold Coast and beyond. Through conversations and interactions with clients of Render X, we’ve identified a gap in the market for tables that can be customised in colour and finish to precisely match the interior of a client’s home. The business is also born out of Emma’s entrepreneurial spirit and love for a challenge and Matt’s pride and passion for his craft. He absolutely loves what he does and couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He’s happiest when he’s pushing artistic boundaries and creating.

What sets Object X apart?

We’re creating one of a kind, locally handmade pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. A customer can sit down with Matt or walk him through their living and dining spaces, show him fabric swatches, paint samples, inspiration boards and discuss textural finishes. Together, they’ll design a signature statement piece completely unique to that customer. We believe in thoughtful, sustainable, bespoke furniture. Nothing you see from us will ever be mass produced.

What do each of you bring to Object X?

At our very core, we’re hard workers and perfectionists in everything we do. We believe that if you do something, you do it properly. Object X will always be a reflection of that. Our customers can expect the highest quality product meticulously designed and handcrafted.

Where do you see Object X in the future?

As the saying goes, the sky is the limit! We see our furniture line expanding, wholesale becoming a big part of our business, and our statement pieces featured in magazine editorials. We’d love Object X to become a global name revered by style conscious individuals, interior designers, stylists and magazine editors everywhere.

Where do you seek inspiration from?

We’ve both got a keen eye for fashion and style and interiors and architecture, but our greatest source of inspiration comes from you and your home. Designing a piece of furniture that is a reflection of your personal style and the interior of your home, is where we really shine.

Matt, how did you get into rendering?

I started my trade in a very small town on the south coast of NSW when I was just 16. I moved to the Gold Coast when I was 18 to finish my apprenticeship, as opportunities were limited where I was from. I began artisan rendering in 2016 when I started my business, Render X, and I’ve never looked back.

What does success mean to you both?

We believe success is loving what you do every day. In that sense, we guess you could say we’re already successful, because we absolutely love what we do and this life we’ve created. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s absolutely worth it.