If there’s anyone that knows how to make a statement, it’s Kelle Howard. Kelle is a Gold Coast based Interior Designer who recently took her followers on the journey of building her dream home, Bajo El Sol,  meaning ‘Under the Sun’. Inspired by exotic seaside destinations, the Burleigh Heads beach house has become one of Australia’s most coveted homes. For Object X founders and fellow Gold Coast locals, Matt and Emma, a collaboration with Kelle Howard was an obvious choice. The dynamic duo has long admired Kelle’s style and aesthetic, as well as her innate ability to push design boundaries. 

The Kelle Howard x Object X collection heroes six statement pieces dreamt up by Kelle and masterfully handcrafted by Object X’s Matt Jamieson. 

We chat to Kelle about all things interior design and the makings of the Kelle Howard x Object X collection.

For those who don’t already know you, can you give us your elevator pitch… who you are, what you do for a living and what makes you tick?

I am an Interior Designer and Stylist and have created my own unique style which I describe as Raw, Coastal, Luxe. By focusing on this niche aesthetic and working closely with my clients, I weave their own individuality into their homes and collaborate with them to create a space that is functional and truly represents each client. I am inspired by natural textures, exotic locations (such as Ibiza, Mexico, Palm Springs and Greece) and my penchant for gold elements. 

Imagine textured rendered walls, exposed concrete, raw timbers, brushed brass and gold elements with lots of white and also plants, lots and lots of plants. I love to work and collaborate with people who have a keen sense of their own style yet are open to experimentation and genuinely appreciate my design aesthetic. 

I’m all about creating beautiful, jaw-dropping yet liveable spaces that reflect the people who occupy them and am also quite partial to a client that likes to break the design “rules”.

How did you come into Interior Design?

From a very young age I was always passionate about interiors. I was obsessed with before and afters of any kind. It wasn’t until after the birth of my first child though that I decided to pursue interior design as a career.

Is there a favourite project you’ve worked on?

Every project is so different and each client brings something unique. I love the amount of variety I get to experience on a daily basis so it’s difficult for me to pick a favourite!

How would you describe your interior style…

I define my aesthetic as Raw, Coastal, Luxe. I love combining tactile elements such as architectural concrete, Venetian plaster and timber with lots of white and brass elements. I find that mixing and layering really adds warmth to a minimal space.

You’ve recently completed your dream home, Bajo El Sol, which is absolutely breath taking by the way, can you please share a glimpse into finding the perfect location and bringing your vision to life?

I suggest really tuning into how you want to feel in the completed space. Pay attention to the surrounding areas and neighbouring homes. Does the area feel quiet and private or is it brimming with life and full of hustle and bustle?

Can you let us in on where you’re at with your next exciting build project?

I am looking at purchasing an apartment in the next few months and again documenting the process. I love to support local and small businesses and sharing all of my sources and tips so people can take inspiration from my projects. This apartment will be Bajo’s little sister and I intend to hire it out as a luxe Airbnb.

What are your favourite objects in the house?

I love the materials I used in the bathrooms. The combination of the Venetian plaster walls, raw brass, concrete tub, handmade Moroccan tiles and the greenery from the balcony garden really feels like a tropical oasis!

Can you walk us through the process of collaborating with Matt and Emma of Object X to design the Kelle Howard x Object X collection? How did the collaboration come about? What inspired the collection?

I have great admiration for Object X’s creativity and quality and have witnessed first-hand Matt and Emma’s work ethic, so I knew that us joining forces would be a potent combination. I wanted to collaborate with a brand with shared values and a similar aesthetic, so Object X was a perfect fit. Matt and Emma gave me complete creative control, which is the way I work best. My collaboration with Object X is inspired by nature and untouched pieces of rock and stone. The collection also draws on my love affair with curves – a feature that has become part my signature style.

What are your tips on styling a dining table and coffee table?

I love to layer different textures - placemats, ceramic vases, flowers and candles. When it comes to your dining table, its always important to consider your guests and ensure that the decor/styling doesn’t interfere with the dining experience - even if it looks beautiful. There are so many beautiful coffee table books (I love the ones from Assouline) that you can use to bring in the colour palette from the surrounding space and tie in with your cushions and soft furnishings.

Your morning routine looks like…

I like my days to be quite fluid so I focus more on daily habits rather than an actual routine because each day for me can be very different. I love to meditate daily as it really helps with my vibration and alignment. I start my day by igniting the senses - I sleep with my curtains open so I wake up with the sun, light candles and put music on.

You draw inspiration from...

I love Spanish architecture and I am often inspired by commercial spaces even in my residential projects.

Right now you’re reading, watching, listening to…

I don’t watch TV but I do love listening to Abraham-Hicks teachings on YouTube. It’s law of attraction based which really resonates with me. I created several music playlists on Spotify for my photoshoots (search “bajoelsol” in Spotify) so I often have one of those playing in the background. 

Success to you is…

Feeling free, alive and connected in all aspects of my life.


Explore the Kelle Howard // Object X collection here.