Object X Interview Series // With Rita Slompo

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

I am a former architect and urban designer with 8 years of experience on my own practice in Brazil as a fully qualified architect. I have an architecture masters degree in Australia, and my great passion is interior design, which I have been practicing in Australia since 2011. I am also a lighting designer and a building biologist (which means looking at all aspects in a building that can influence our health and wellbeing).

What inspired you to start doing architecture/interior design?

Since I remember I’ve always loved drawing, painting, and doing everything in a creative way. The idea of working with architecture came when I was around 11 and ‘designed’ my first house: in scale and all in natural timber, stone and glass (it would be interesting looking at that sketch today… haha!). I was always fascinated about shaping spaces with walls, roofs, slabs, openings… and how these elements could be arranged in infinite ways for sculpting buildings. So the choice for design was always natural and flowing.

What has been a highlight of your career so far?

It’s so hard to pick only one job; it’s pretty much like choosing a kid over the other… I think for a designer the latest jobs are usually the ones that we are more ‘in love’ with. Once I read that an architect only reaches maturity after 15 to 20 years designing. Now, with 18 years of career, I must say that I agree: for every new job there is more and more experience to be used, more references, and more knowledge too. One of the largest designs that I have worked on was completed in 2019, and it was for a mansion in Hope Island with over 2,500sqm. I ended up going to China for this job, which was a nice ‘extra’ for a travel addict like myself!

How would you describe your style?

My style is the humanist and soulful design. I like bringing dreams to life, creating spaces where people can thrive and reach their best potential. To me, trends come and go, and despite of keeping connected to what’s new in the market, I always like building a concept based on the human beings that will inhabit that space, doesn’t matter if it’s a house, an office, shop, clinic, or restaurant. I like designing places with soul, spaces that people can relate and connect with. When a space has soul and personality, it acquires a unique quality and becomes timeless.

Share with us 1 of your career goals

We want to have like-minded clients that share the same values about the importance of a well-designed space, and are passionate about their new project. We love connecting with clients from all over the world. Working more with building biology and healthy buildings is also a purpose we have. 

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Oh Gosh… this is a hard one for a travel enthusiast like me! Right now I am a bit obsessed about visiting Morocco (as soon as it’s possible…). This country has always captured me because of its immense cultural richness. With so many different colonisations over the centuries and being an African country so close to Europe, it has one of the richest architectures in the world, as well as food, music, aromas, and decoration (of course I will have to pay for luggage excess on my flight back!).

What is your all time favourite cafe/restaurant?

Food is one of my passions… Right now Etsu is my favourite restaurant for food (and vibes), and I also love the Pasture & Co cafe at the Eco Village, in Currumbin Valley. Great place, kangoroos, and the food never disappoints!

What is 1 thing on your bucket list?

Right now I am renovating my vintage 1983 campervan for travelling around Australia in it.

Who are some people in your industry that you admire?

I am very influenced by Brazilian architecture, which is one of the best in the world in my opinion. From there I would mention Marcio Kogan, Paulo Jacobsen and Isay Weinfeld.

From the latest Object X collection, if you had to style 1 piece from the collection, which one would it be? And talk us through how you would style it and the perfect setting.

Well, I have actually just selected the Object 02 table for one of our designs, a beautiful house renovation in Tallai, Gold Coast. The house is all inspired by mid-century design with Mediterranean touches and soft tones thought. The Object 02 table came as the simply perfect fit for us, bringing softness and delicacy to our lunch area. We have lots of rendered walls around and a beautiful European oak flooring, which will be the perfect background. To be honest, I can’t wait for it to be done!

To explore more of Rita's work, view her website here.

Or on her Instagram, @vida.design.studio