Object X Interview Series // With Georgia Ezra

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do

Georgia Ezra is an Interior Designer & Director of Melbourne based interior design practice Studio Ezra and Zellige tile purveyors, Tiles of Ezra. She has also recently launched Step Up Your Home – a podcast devoted to inspiring others to create the healthiest version of themselves through their immediate surroundings, and AHW a homewares brand for the conscious consumer that uses century old methods to deliver pieces that elevate your home and your senses. Georgia is a treasure hunter and find inspiration from her global travels, most particularly Spain, Morocco and India. She is most well known for her experiential designs that push boundaries of modern design and captivate the senses. Her philosophy is simple – She has devoted years to educating, motivating and inspiring others to create the most empowering, healthy and beautiful homes that are truly authentic to them and lift their physical and spiritual health.

What inspired you to start doing architecture/interior design?

I always loved forming and changing spaces from a young girl. Creating a bespoke space in my mind for a client and seeing it through the construction phase and then seeing the final outcome is a feeling that never gets old.

How would you describe your style?

I wouldn’t describe my style as one specific one. I am influenced by my global travels and the exclusive outcomes that my clients want. I’m inspired by the current bones of homes. Along with so many aspects which pivot and shape my design decisions for the specific job I’m working on. In saying this I’m heavily guided by architecture and design throughout Europe Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Share with us 1 of your career goals?

To find joy, love, passion and deep appreciation for what I do every single day.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

That is an impossible question to answer. However in this moment I can happily narrow it down to Spain, India, Morocco. For the simple reason that a piece of my heart is in each. When I’m in those countries my heart beats in a rhythm that brings me so much joy. It makes my feel deeply passionate and inspired.

What is your all time favourite cafe/restaurant?

Café Gato in Valencia. I lived in Valencia for a year studying architecture in 2008 and I would spend hours at this drinking my café con leche (coffee with milk), listening to the sounds of Spain and watching the daily life of such a cultural country. Nothing particularly special about this café but the sounds, the smell the language - it just brought me such pure joy.

What is 1 thing on your bucket list?

Live in Spain for a year with my family!

Who are some people in your industry that you admire?

Every woman and business owner. Whilst trying to answer this question I realised we’re all just trying our hardest. Any one who works in the design industry works so hard. We’re all just trying to create work that is inspirational and authentic. I don’t particularly respect one person more than anyone else, but some names that come to mind are Kit Kemp, Joanna Gaines, Kelly Wearstler and Amber interiors. Just to name a few. We all have the same desires.

From the latest Object X collection, if you had to style 1 piece from the collection, which one would it be? And talk us through how you would style it and the perfect setting.

The round table, Object 02, I would cluster some of my AHW Vases and a Deep Centrepiece bowl on a large Raku Serving Tray with a low hanging pendant.

To explore more of Georgia's work, view her website here.

Or on her Instagram, @studio_ezra.